He said: “I couldn’t believe it, Harry was so nice. “None of the other One Direction boys stopped when they saw us, but Harry got out of his black Porsche and came over to us to have a chat. “I asked if I could have a selfie with him and he did it straight away. I thought he might say hi or wave to us, but I never thought I would get a selfie. “Everyone was shouting ‘I love you!’  “A security guard came over afterwards and told us that Harry had got in trouble because he shouldn’t get out of the car without a bodyguard!” x







#harry styles learns a valuable lesson: all hugs endeveryone goes away eventually no matter how wide and enthusiastically he flings his arms open at themat the end of the day it’s always just u and ur headscarf (x)

blazinbeatsmusic: It’s ya boy! Lol how many of you girls wish you was me right now?


Harry… baby.. it’s okay
~ mh

Harry + Nike

Harry + TMH Meet and Greets

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